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Marketplaces, ecommerce platforms, and technology companies use the YouLend platform to help their merchants run and grow their business.

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Why offer financing through youlend?

Increase core metrics

Grow merchants and users lifetime value and merchandise value by offering financing for inventory, advertising and other growth-spurring investments.

Improve loyalty

Reduce churn by up to 75% by extending your value proposition to the businesses on your platform.

Grow market share

Win more new business by offering a purpose-built, strong  product that business owners will use and re-use.


Learn more about our financing products, our technology, and how help you go live.


Flexible and inclusive funding offers generated using your data, and repaid by businesses from a percentage of their sales.


Instant Payouts

Instant settlement on sales receivables to allow your businesses to immediately access additional funds.


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Explore how revenue-based embedded financing solutions can change your relationship with your merchants and users, bolster your brand, and improve your long-term growth.

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