Financial inclusion
Financial inclusion

YouLend provides 200,000 PLN funding to meal plan business in Poland

YouLend provides business funding in Poland to a small business that was looking to open its first retail outlet.

YouLend’s broker channel has established a strong presence in Europe and recently bridged a successful deal in Poland to provide revenue-based financing to an online restaurant business that was looking to open its first physical outlet in Warsaw.  

The merchant owned a very successful restaurant that offered tailored meal plans for their customers based on their dietary needs. The meals could be pre-ordered online and were extremely popular in Poland. Due to the business’s growth, the owner was now looking to open up a physical restaurant in the city center of Warsaw. She found the perfect spot right in the old town which suddenly became available. 

However, to take advantage of the quick opening, the biggest business challenge the merchant faced was to secure the deposit for the land before it got sold to another buyer. 

To overcome this hurdle, the Polish broker team was able to use alternative data points such as website visits and order volumes to track the health of the business and offer a funding amount of 200,000 PLN to the merchant within just 3 days of starting the application.

YouLend’s flexible, revenue-based financing once again highlighted the importance of moving away from simplistic risk indicators such as operating history and singular revenue streams. Ultimately, YouLend’s funding deal is a clear indication of small to medium sized businesses wanting fast, flexible and affordable financing options that offer additional value than traditional lenders. 

For more use cases at YouLend, read our latest blog on alternative finance for brokers, book a meeting with our team or reach out to 

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