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Podcast: Supporting SMBs through the cost-of-living crisis

Epos Now launches embedded finance solution powered by YouLend

Accelerated by the ongoing cost-of-living crisis and lingering effects of the pandemic, embedded B2B finance has gained momentum over the past few years, partly because of limited access to traditional bank lenders, but also due the rise of fintechs who have adopted a tech-first approach to business financing.

We’ve seen a large number of platforms having announced publicly their move into SMB embedded finance to tackle the cash flow challenges put on small businesses and give them access to the critical working capital they need to run their business, and flexibly repay it as they earn.

To explore this in our podcast, Jacob Olins, VP: Head of Financial Services at Epos Now, will talk about how enterprise platforms are supporting their customers with flexible and affordable financing solutions for their business during the ongoing cost-of-living crisis in the US.

In this informative 20-minute podcast, the speakers will cover:

  • How SMBs are impacted by the cost-of-living crisis.
  • Why is Epos Now Capital designed to be the best solution to help SMBs overcome these challenges?
  • What are some of the successes we have seen with Epos Now Capital? How does it help merchants in the hospitality and retail sector specifically?

As Head of Financial Services at Epos Now, Jacob Olins is responsible for building and scaling lending, banking, and payments solutions for more than 55,000 retail, restaurant and service businesses, powered by the global SMB vertical software leader. Epos Now’s capital solution, powered by YouLend, has launched in the US this month and will provide SMBs with up to $1M in funding to drive business growth, marketing investment and cash flow management.

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