Embedded finance
Embedded finance

Embedded finance for food delivery platforms -> A new opportunity

Food delivery platforms need to constantly innovate their product offering in order to stay competitive in the unpredictable economy ahead. Embedded finance is a golden opportunity for them to benefit all stakeholders in the value chain and open new channels of growth.

Food delivery platforms are entering an exciting era. The pandemic completely redefined the last-mile delivery sector and opened up a new wave of opportunities within the food industry - particularly for food delivery platforms.

Platforms are growing at a record pace and competition is becoming increasingly tough. In order to stay competitive, platforms have to innovate their product offerings and provide more support to their restaurant partners in order to keep the entire value chain strong.

In this guide, we explore how food delivery platforms can use embedded finance to provide value-added services to their stakeholders. We will cover the basics of embedded finance, the benefits of implementing an embedded finance solution, and what that means for the food delivery sector - whether they are a platform, restaurant partner, delivery management system or Point of Sales provider.

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