Embedded finance
Embedded finance
Financial inclusion
Financial inclusion

Book a meeting with YouLend at Money 20/20 USA

YouLend will be at Money 20/20 USA to talk embedded finance solutions.

Money 20/20 USA is just around the corner and YouLend will be exhibiting with one of the largest floor spaces at the event!

We’ve talked previously about what to expect from the conference agenda - from trends in embedded finance to SME support. YouLend will be there to talk about an important theme that is central to our values: financial inclusion.

Financial inclusion means that businesses are given fair access to financial services, regardless of their size, funding requirements, and trading history.

How this plays out: YouLend uses alternative data points to carry out credit risk assessments for small businesses. Unlike traditional financial institutions, we incorporate a host of data points such as website analytics, social media trends, and online reviews to predict the growth of a company and reduce reliance on outdated financial information. This allows a plethora of young businesses to become eligible for financing and grow their company faster than ever before.

At YouLend, we partner with a number of leading enterprise platforms like eBay, Shopify, and Epos Now that enable their merchants to apply for flexible and affordable embedded finance solutions.

For e-commerce and banking platforms - embedded finance is the future and our team will be present at Money 20/20 to discuss opportunities for your business.

Meet the YouLend team at stand 2027 to talk embedded finance.

Book a meeting with the YouLend team at Money 20/20 USA

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