Embedded financing to help your business customers grow

With YouLend, every company can offer flexible and inclusive financing to its business customers, from technology companies, to marketplaces, to payment service providers and banks.

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Your business customers can quickly access the funding they need and use it on their terms: for marketing spend, working capital, inventory management or any other business-related expense.


Flexible funding offers generated instantly, and repaid by businesses from a percentage of their sales


Instant Payouts (coming soon)

Instant payouts on sales to allow your businesses to immediately access additional funds


Why partner with YouLend?

YouLend's embedded financing solution can be live on your platform, in your branding, in as little as seven days.

Delightful user journeys

With its deep data integrations and fully digital journey, our platform puts funds in the hands of your businesses in as little as a single day.

Risk-free implementation

YouLend's robust infrastructure lets you either go live in a week with no code and no capital, or build your custom solution with our battle-tested APIs.

Proven results for businesses

More than 40,000 merchants have used a YouLend product to date, and they have on average grown up to 36% during the 6 months following funding.

Embedded finance: why now?

Today's small and medium business customers look to their providers to make their day-to-day simpler.

They want smoother experiences, and more services concentrated in fewer places.

With embedded finance solutions, you can build a powerful and lasting connection with your business customers, and help them achieve sustainable growth.

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Less cash, more possibility

We've all seen the trends from the last few years: cash is on the way out. While this is nothing new, there’s much to learn about what that really means for daily trading.

Why are habits changing? Who’s at the forefront of new innovations? How can providers help business owners and merchants make the most of it?

Read YouLend's whitepaper in partnership with Dojo to decide on how you can future-proof your business payments.

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