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Embedded finance

Capital for eBay Business Sellers, powered by YouLend, achieves 26% growth in seller GMV

Read the success of Capital for eBay Business Sellers, powered by YouLend, that has funded over £75m to 4,750+ unique sellers in the UK

Business problem faced by eBay

In 2021, eBay wanted to help its sellers grow their business with fast and flexible financing options through a simple application journey. After a detailed evaluation process, eBay decided to launch Capital for eBay Business Sellers, powered by YouLend, to their UK sellers that could use the working capital to invest in marketing, supply chain and operations to boost their sales.

Launch of Capital for eBay Business Sellers

Through the seamless digital application process on eBay's seller centre, businesses were able to apply for financing in just a few clicks, upload their documents for KYC, select a quote and receive funds in their business account in 24-48 hours.

Since its launch in April 2021, Capital for eBay Business Sellers has extended over 8,000 business fundings to 4,750+ unique sellers, with over £75M in financing. The financing solution has been a huge success and boasts an impressive 75% renewal rate and 26% growth in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) for sellers who take out funding.

“By partnering with YouLend, our sellers have access to fast and flexible business funding that can help them manage cashflows and focus on the bigger business challenges ahead.” Lawrence Bennett, Head of Financial Services Partnerships at eBay

A seamless merchant journey offered by YouLend

YouLend was integrated into eBay’s platform in order to provide a seamless customer journey that made it easy and quick for their merchants to apply for funding. This was branded with eBay’s logo and color guidelines, making it feel like the merchants never left the eBay ecosystem. This was set up in a matter of days with YouLend’s battle-tested code, with no in-house development costs required from eBay.

How does Capital for eBay Business Sellers work?

  • Merchants repay as a fixed percentage of every sale (revenue-based financing)
  • Receive funding in as little as 24 hours, once application is reviewed and approved by YouLend
  • Merchants pay a simple flat fee that is agreed up-front (from 3%)
  • Flexible top-ups are available once a merchant is on-boarded

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